Ohannes Restaurant | Review

Ohannes is a Labense restaurant with an Armenian twist.

Assalamu Alaikum,

Happy Thursday!

It’s the weekend finally which means time for a dine out. If you’re looking for awesome Lebanese/ Armenian food, I have the perfect place for you.

Ohannes opened its doors recently in Qatar in Al Sadd and it was an honor to be invited by Ohannes Restaurant to check out their new menu.

Welcome dish.

It was the perfect start to the amazing dinner awaiting us.

This was the welcome dish. It was the perfect start to the amazing dinner awaiting us.

From the new menu;

Kessabi Patates -Potato slices with minced meat topped with homemade chili sauce.
Fresh Ayran -This drink is made fresh in the restaurant from the laban foam maker.
Lahem Bajin
Lahem Bajin with pomegranate molasses – Traditional homemade thin dough topped with ground meat marinated with pomegranate molasses.
Lahem Bajin – Traditional homemade this dough topped with ground meat mixed with onions, tomatoes, and Middle Eastern spices.
Chakchouka bl Ajin – Boat shaped dough filled with Chakchouka sauce, topped with cheese and a sunny side up egg.
Beyti Rosto – Oven baked rosto and cheese rolls topped with tomato sauce served with rice.
cheese rolls
Arayess Kebab Halabi – Traditional Grilled pita bread filled with spiced minced meat, the Halabi way.
Manti – The popular Armenian specialty of minced lamb dumplings in a herbed tomato sauce topped with sumac flavored fresh yogurt.
Turkish Coffee



Where all the adventure happens.




Turkish coffee making station


CuisineLebanese/ Armenian
Useful Info: Indoor Seating, Free Valet Parking, prayer room, Takeaway available.
Price: QR 150 for 2 people

Ratings (5/5): 

  • Food: 4/5
  • Atmosphere: 4/5
  • Creativity: 3/5
  • Service: 5 /5
  • Value for $: 4/5

For more information,

Social media:

Facebook: Ohannes Restaurant

Instagram: Ohannesrestaurant

Twitter : Ohannesqatar

PS: I would like to thank @ohannesrestaurant for inviting me.

Disclaimer*: This post was not sponsored.  All opinions expressed and the choice to review is  my own!


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