Freedom Japanese Market Food Subscription Box |Review

Assalamu Alaikum,

How Y’all?

Recently Freedom Japanese Market sent me their April Box to review. Scroll down to read my review.

Freedom Japanese Market

Freedom Japanese Market is a family owned business who provide high quality traditional and kawaii snacks. Each box comes filled to the brim with delicious goodies, as well as an itemized list describing the contents in full detail. It is a monthly Japanese snacks and candy subscription box. This was the first ever subscription box I ever received.

IMG_7296 (2)

Freedom Japanese market is a family run by Ken (the snack enthusiast + box packer), Sanae (Product coordinator + origami maven) and their two kids, Juliet and Kevin ( the official taste testers + Quality control). Ken was really friendly and helpful for every doubt I had.


They pack all the items carefully and no space is wasted.  Another thing is that they take time to make an Origami of the Month and include it in every box. Each month it is a different origami and this month it was a tiny blade.


Getting this box was like a dream come true. I freaking love candies and snacks. Trying Japanese candies and snacks was in my bucket list but when I received it, I was kind of reluctant to try them out Because I thought they would taste a bit like the sushi I had tried before, which I’m not a fan of.


Trying them out was the best decision I made. Because they tasted so good ( Like really good) each and everything was perfect. They contain an excellent selection of savory snacks and sweet candy.

Scroll down to see all the snack and candies that were included in the box.

Caplico Mini

The chocolate on the top had already melted by the time I opened it. As it is really hot in Qatar. This cute icecream couldn’t stay in shape because of the hot sun.

PicMonkey Collage
Strawberry flavored aerated chocolate shaped like a mini ice cream cone

    Kabuki Cracker

    These delicious rice crackers are stamped with famous kabuki emblems.

    UFO Ramune

    Ramune Flavored hard candy in four flavors: yogurt, peach, apple and cider.

    Chewing Straw Candy

    This was a bonus candy included in the box. This candy tasted somewhat like the candy I used to eat back in my childhood days known as Sour Punk.

    Straw-shaped grape flavored gummy candy.

    Teriyaki Umaibo

    Teriyaki burger flavored tube of puffed corn.

    Pizza Umaibo

    Pizza flavored tube of puffed corn.

    Premium Umaibo

    Mozzarella and camembert cheese flavored puffed corn

    Ume Paper

    Picked Plum in a paper thin form – Sweet and sour!

    Shimi Choco Corn

    Cute star-shaped crispy corn puffs coated in strawberry chocolate

    Mix Fruit Mochi

    Mini apple and pineapple flavored pieces of sweet mochi (rice cakes)

    Caramel Corn

    This tasted is so good. This one is a perfect snack to have when watching dramas.

    A seasonal exclusive! Sweet rare cheesecake flavored curls of puffed corn.


    Beef consomme flavored ring shaped potato crisps are fun to play with and eat!


    Mini grape flavored chocolate balls in cute animal packaging!


    Ramen chips flavored like champon, a nagasaki noodle dish made of seafood and veggies.

    My thoughts:

    Freedom Japanese box is worth trying. It has amazing selection of snacks and candies. Anyone will like something from this box. I really loved all the Umaibo flavors, Umaka was so yummy. And Caramel corn was good. It is caramel flavored. So it tastes just amazing.

    Last but not the least, my favorite was the Nagewa chips, which looks like rings. I had so much fun shooting with it. I love playing with chips like these. And don’t even talk about the taste. It tasted so freaking good. I can still remember the taste. Makes my mouth water every time I look at this picture. Reminds me of a chips I used to eat when I was a kid called Buggles. I’m not a fan of their chips. But I like playing with it.


    Ken was kind enough to send me this very useful information about Freedom Japanese for my viewers. 

    • Free Shipping Worldwide
    • All products are shipped fresh from Japan.  These items have never seen the inside of a container ship.
    • You can create a 1, 3, 6 and 12 month renewable plan (longer plans have larger discounts) that will fit your needs.
    • Most of the items are sold exclusively in Japan.  Also, most boxes contain some limited edition snacks and candies that are only in Japanese stores for a month or two.  Note: The “Made for foreign market” versions of these products sold in most Asian markets are usually made in third party countries, and shipped in container ships to different parts of the world.
    • An itemized list with pictures is included in each box, so you don’t have to read Japanese.
    • About a pound of candy and snacks are packed into each box.
    • We only ship products we would eat ourselves, and only send boxes we would be happy to receive as a gift.
    • You can subscribe through PayPal or directly through your own credit card.
    • Club members can buy additional boxes and send them (to other addresses) as gifts.  Some companies use these boxes as corporate gifts or thank you packages for hard working employees.  You can also get all of your holiday shopping done quickly this way!
    • You can create a gift subscription that sends a monthly care package to a friend or relative.
    • You can log into your account from our website and edit or cancel your subscription at any time.
    • Cancel at any time without fees or penalties.

    Puchi Pack: A mini version of our original subscription box. This smaller taste of Japan includes 5 to 8 Japanese snacks for $12.99/month. Free shipping worldwide!

    Original Subscription Pack: Each box contains 12 to 16 full size and sample snacks for $24.99/month. Free Shipping worldwide!

    Family Pack: Double the snacks of the regular box so you can share with your family, office, or snack group. The $45.99/month includes Free International Shipping! 


    If you use this link you will receive a free bonus candy of your choice in your first box!

    Get social with them:

    Facebook | Instagram| Website| Twitter

    Which is your favorite Japanese snack? Let me know in the comments below.

    I recommend you try this.  Leave your thoughts and comment below.

    Hope you enjoyed this post, until next time see you soon.

    Signing off 


    Disclaimer: This box was sent to me for free in for review purposes. All opinions expressed and the choice to review is my own.




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