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There’s a serum out there to target nearly every skin concern you could think of. Acne? Anti-acne serums are calling your name. Wrinkles? Reach for an anti-aging serum. Dry skin? Hydrating serums. Dull complexion? radiance-boosting serum etc.


Assalamu Alaikum,

How are you all? I flew to India a couple of days back and got a little busy with adjusting to the new place and also got sick for a few days 🤒. I didn’t have the time to sit and write. Also, I was excited to explore Mumbai. Now, I’m back with a new blog post.


While I was in Qatar, I received a package from Iren skin to review their product. I have been using it during travel, as my skin can get really dry due to climate changes. The serums were really handy.

What is Iren Skin?


Irén is a homegrown skincare line created by Ikeda Spa Group. Formulated to fit busy lifestyles, the products are dual-function and fast-absorption. It aims to create time-savings yet specially customized skincare solutions for busy women. They believe that every woman can look good while doing what they do best – multitasking. Their aim is to create time-savings yet specially customized skincare solutions for busy women.

They have 7 different types of Serums to suit different skin needs – Whitening, Clearing, Anti-aging, Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Acne and Anti-Wrinkle Serums. Each of these serums comes with power packed ingredients targeting specific skin concerns.


The Product:

The serums are contained in a 10-ml glass bottle with a dropper (See the picture).1008-2018-12182865006587390947296336372785553801.jpeg

The packaging is super cute and it also comes with motivational quotes on each box.1008-2018-12182865013857984697145883407601268219.jpeg

Cute fruit prints and the ingredients got me really excited!1008-2018-1212286494998845345156523365212179788.jpeg

The team at Iren Skin was kind enough to send me a handwritten letter with the package which is overwhelming. It also came with a brochure.

What I got:

They asked me to do a quiz in order to send the serums fit for my skin. Scroll down to see the serums I got.

  • Soothing Serum (Avocado): Keep calm and de-stress your skin in a jiffy! Target skin irritation and zoom in on redness and damaged skin cells to reveal a deeply rejuvenated appearance. Power up your skin’s immunity with this avo concoction!1008-2018-1213286496539978157175863839276996774.jpeg
  • Hydrating Serum (Blueberries): Let your thirsty skin slurp up all the hydration it deserves! Target dehydration and zoom in on the dry and rough skin to reveal instantly bouncier skin that goes “boing boing”.1008-2018-12092864921221328468207155633628826515.jpeg
  • Anti-acne (Mangosteen): Target overactive sebum production and zoom in on acne to reveal your flawless complexion without the shine. Handpicked for its natural antibacterial properties and antimicrobial compounds, the queen of fruits makes sure your defense team is on the ball!1008-2018-12152864981662260745609937609915462931.jpeg

My favorite was the Soothing Serum: Boasting the goodness of avocados, it soothes and reduces redness while hydrating dehydrated and flaky skin.1008-2018-12042872067023426327835604021579537731.jpeg

My experience:

Opening the bottle was a bit hard for me as there was no instruction on box. So I’d to check online.

To use, Twist the cap a little harder. Then open the cap and push the top of the lid to dispense the serum.

1008-2018-12192865021737687828999347271523324936.jpeg I would prefer you dispense it to your hand as it could get a little messy if you directly do it to your cheeks. I use the dropper only once because I mix 3 serums together. Gently massage it all over your face.

The serums have a watery formula which takes a while to absorb into the skin (mine is an oily skin). After patting the product into my skin, I could feel my face get a little sticky. I used a moisturizer/something like that to get rid of the sticky feeling.

My only problem with this product is the dispenser. Instead of dripping a drop on my cheeks and forehead. I have to press it to my hand because it’s difficult to control the number of droplets using the dropper. One push on the pump dispenses all the serums in the dropper.

Overall, I think the ingredients are great and I really do enjoy the effects of the serum. I’m a little sad that the bottle is a little too small cause it won’t last me even a month. 😭😭

Irén Serums cost $58 each and comes in a 10ml bottle. Innovated in Singapore and manufactures in Japan.

You can purchase them at Face Shower Bar by Irén at Citylink Mall, #B1-17A, Singapore and Ikeda Spa. They could also be purchased online at their website.

Product details:

Brand: Iren Skin

The Cost:  $58/-

The Products: 7 types of serums, skin vaporizer, cleansing cream and clear lotion.

Shipping: Worldwide

Get social with them:

Facebook | InstagramWebsite| Twitter

Would you try these serums? Leave your thoughts and comment below.

Hope you enjoyed this post, until next time see you soon.

Signing off 


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for free for review purposes. All opinions expressed and the choice to review is my own.

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